May 3, 2022

Tesouros do Rei

Vasco da Gama aquarium located in Alges, Lisbon holds on its warehouse an huge number of stuffed animals that belonged to the private collection of Rei D. Carlos, and adventurous king in love with the sea and its species.
How could a collection like this stay closed behind 4 walls and not being shown to the public? That’s what aquarium mangers thought therefore decided to digitally capture those creatures and reveal them to the public.

Photo360 a Porto based photography company was hired to capture each animal. The animal was placed in a platform that rotated in 10 degrees increments allowing the camera to take 36 photos of each one.

But then all this had to be implemented in a user-friendly interface and that’s when we entered. So a website was built with information about the project and the sponsors, about King Carlos travels and with access to the animals and instruments on a 360 degrees gallery.
To complement it several books of discoveries were digitalised and imported in a flipping book platform so users could flip through their pages interactively.


Create a website to showcase the vast King D. Carlos animals and instruments collection.

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, App Design & Development

  • Client

    Tesouros do Rei

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